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By Lindokuhle Ndaba posted June 1, 2017

Sabelo Mtshali better known as DJ Sabby to his fans grew up in the sunny and cool - Durban. Sabby knew that he was destined for the airwaves when he reached the age of 14 years old.

Determined to make a mark in the radio industry, he completed his high school studies at Vryheid Comprehensive Secondary School during the fall of 2007. He knew what his next move was thereafter. 

Sabelo went on to work with the Love Life Radio, which is a division of the YFM programme. Fast forward the year 2008, he enrolled at NEMISA (National Electronic Media Institute) where he obtained his National Certificate in Radio Production. 

Now with a qualification, Sabby's mornings and afternoons were no longer the same as he juggled his slot on 94.5 KFM which is based in the Cape.

DJ Sabby, now an established radio-presenter moved on to working with Joburg's number one hit radio station - Highveld Stereo where he did the graveyard slot on weekends. 

Sabby, did not stick to radio- presenting but also branched out to killing it on the small screen - he presented for shows such as VEntertainment as a guest presenter, Bonisanani on the SABC Channel, Unplugged on Africa Magic Plus and The HotSpot; an online project he did with Kagiso TV.

Its 2017 and Sabby is continuing to be the "The Best Thing Ever". He is currently with the renowned youth radio station - YFM where he is doing his show called #TheBestDrive.

He is currently running a TV and radio presenting workshop which he plans on making sure that it reaches different areas in providing aspiring presenters and radio-personalities a platform to kick-start their careers in the industry. 

In a nutshell, DJ Sabby who is now an entrepreneur, radio personality of note, presenter and father had a chat with us about his life, the radio industry and fatherhood as a busy individual and this is what he had to say: 


Who is DJ Sabby? What makes you discrepant from all the other DJ's?

I am more myself than anything else. I am giving, always make time for people that are fans of my work or those that appreciate what I do. I am aware of the "celeb-culture" but I do not think it has gone to my head at this point in time in a sense of being relatable to a day-day person who is a fan of what I do.

What else makes me different?

I am the best thing ever! [laughs]


What are some of the challenges that you encountered throughout your radio career? 

The biggest challenge is getting in. That is why I got in, I started realizing that; if I was told about certain things that I faced that become challenges on my journey to get into the industry, I felt like it was going to make things easier but I appreciate those challenges because they thought me what I know now. 


Let's talk about your television and radio presenting workshop. What was the inspiration behind it?

I can never teach one a lot of things in one day. So, it is more surface content that is why I say, we focusing on the talent. The talent has much information that is crucially needed for one to break into the industry. 

There are institutions such as Boston Media House that break down everything in unit standards but this workshop is more experience driven content, it is content that has been acquired through our own experience and own hurdles in this business. 

We also teach the talent about the importance of social media in the industry. So, in essence we provide raw information that is not in a textbook. 



What can be anticipated on your next television and radio presenting workshop?

I am excited where this workshop is headed because we are about to take it to Limpopo. Pretoria was amazing but we first started off in Durban. I am totally excited about this workshop to Limpopo because it is very progressive, it is a very urban and vibey province.

Its just that there are so many people that are from Limpopo and frankly, they are definitely winning and I honestly feel like such individuals are the cream of the crop that we have been exposed to.

In regards to radio, you look at how dominant even the sound of Limpopo is when you listen to radio stations such as Capricorn FM, there definitely has to be more.

I feel like taking my workshop to Limpopo will be to sass out how exposed are the youth of Limpopo when it comes to entertainment being a career and not a hobby.  There are a couple of established radio presenters that grew up in Limpopo that I am chatting to about headlining the workshop, it is going to be very exciting. 


As an MC, Presenter, Entrepreneur, Radio Presenter and a father. What can your fans look forward to from DJ Sabby?  I am still challenging myself to be honest. I feel like there is so many things that I have not tried out. I always say there is nothing I cannot do, its just that I have not tried it out as of yet.  Anyway, there are a lot of things that my fans can be on the look-out for, right now the biggest priority for 2017 is to get back into the television industry.  I am also back in the lab making music, I have not dropped music in 2 years already, there was a reason behind it but my fans can also anticipate some good music from me this year as well.  Get Paid winter merchandise are officially going to be available soon since its the winter season, so my fans should definitely be on the look-out to tackle the winter season while "Getting Paid."  Unfortunately, there are some things I wish I could say that are in the pipeline but I do not want to jinx that. 



What is the biggest thing you are excited about currently?  Well, the biggest thing I am excited about is becoming a father to my son - Nkosingiphile Orifha - so there will be a lot of pictures of my boy in my social media platforms.  I am also excited about the things I am in talks with my team about diversifying the brand that is DJ Sabby and radio itself - as there is a lot of things that are being planned about bringing another dimension in the radio industry. People should definitely be on the look-out, it is exciting times. 


Your clothing brand - Get Paid, has been trending in the industry for a while. What gave you the motive to start your brand?  Get Paid started when I was still doing 12AM - 3AM in the mornings on weekends while tackling my slot  The Adrenaline Rush and at first it was #TeamNoSleep and I remember I had 5 core people that were my ride and die's when I was doing that slot and they started saying "Yo Sabby, why don't we just print #TeamNoSleep on t-shirts and wear them as family?" - to be honest I really liked that concept and because I am an opportunist I started searching #TeamNoSleep on the net and realized that Dwayne Wayne from Miami Heat had the same thing going on and that was when I figured I had to do something different. 

Shortly after that I realized that as long as we are on earth as people we have to "Get Paid" - I felt like it did not need an explanation. 

Getting paid as an individual is definitely the most exciting moment when you get that bank notification, that is when I decided that one should have that ambition on their chest where the hustle everyday, the no days off, the #TeamNoSleep & obviously getting paid are just the core elements instead of having one slogan for the brand, why not have a lot of messages around it that embody what being paid means and what it stands for.     

The Get Paid brand produces hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts amongst a few. As a brand, we never follow trends because I solely believe that hoodies and sweaters are things that one can wear every single week and day without having to worry. Get Paid believes in difference and introducing new things. The brand is all about ambition and our main aim is making the brand accessible to everyone else in the whole world.


Let's talk about your transition. You started off being a radio presenter to being a television presenter and MC. What would you say is the most intense career?  Radio is super intense. Radio is super demanding because it is live, there is no room for error, you have room to try out a whole lot of things and there are more people involved in a prime time show since I am doing one.  You always arrive to make sure that the numbers go up and you are competing with big names in the industry, influential names as well on my end.  Every radio station has a striker and there is no time for one to say I am going to hold back on a specific idea, literally we are all fighting to get all the ears and on my end everything I do, radio is intense and very demanding. 


Question: Radio, Television or being an MC?

Radio first. Radio is my true love. I must say that I also found love in television, the adrenaline rush that comes with television, it can easily get to a point where it can challenge the love I have for radio because they both give the same rush, especially when done live. 


Who inspires you as an individual?

I am inspired by a lot if people. My dad died when I was 10 years old, so I always draw inspiration from several men who I feel like they embody certain elements that I would love to uphold one day.  DJ Fresh inspires me with his sense of longevity and what one can do in this radio industry.  DJ Sbu is fearless and I love that about him.  I love how Linda Sibiya is, he has always been that guy I listened to as a kid, he never dropped the mic when on his show.  Ryan Seacrest is also another individual that inspires me. I love how he was able to build an empire in the radio industry,  Recently, I have been inspired by T-Touch, he has been doing some barmy moves that one cannot ignore. He also jumped into my Top 10 for People That You Can Really Look Up To When It Comes To The Business.  I also look up to a lot of women like Bonang Matheba, Dudu Khoza, Basetsana Khumalo and Carol Bawa amongst a few. There are so many fearless women that have just told the men in the industry that "Do not look at me as a woman, I am just another person in the business, treat me as you would treat a man" and I love that about those women. 


Your concrete advice that you would give to upcoming radio personalities, television presenters or entrepreneurs?  Consistency is everything. Do not give up because everything happens on God's time. God's time is the best time, just because things are not coming together today, it does not mean it is the end of the world and this I was told by my family.

You can connect with DJ Sabby on his social media platforms:

Twitter: @dj_sabby

Instagram: @dj_sabby

Facebook: DJ SABBY