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Auzweke Magazine it's a youth magazine that tells untold stories of young people who are doing good in their different spheres. With a strong network of connecting with young emerging youths from various careers showcasing their talents& initiatives with the aims of:

1: Promoting: their business, efforts and successes with a focus on Arts, Crafts,Sports, Media& Fashion, Education and Lifestyle

2: Encouragement: of the youths who read our publication that there are options available for shaping a life for yourself

3: Facilitation: within the space of Township Commerce Development & the propagation of Entrepreneurial mindsets & hustle during these economically trying times.

Auzweke! manages to do all this with spunk, ingenuity & an honesty that attracts & retains our readers, making our consistent message to have high efficacy. Auzweke! magazine gives young up and coming journalist and photographers, who need experience, the opportunity to showcase their talents. We are partnered with journalist and photographers, who present researched and prepared articles and photographs for the monthly editions.

Auzweke! is a magazine run and put together by a group of young professionals, thus appealing to our targeted market even more. We are happy to provide a platform to up and coming media professionals who can showcase their talents in our magazine, giving our readers what they want, however, keeping in line with the vision and brand.

The combination of Auzweke! Magazine print and the digital Experience (a multimedia venture encompassing AUZWEKE. com, Social Media channels are a one-of-a-kind multimedia venture that provides marketers with traditional and alternative ways to reach our audience of influencer's at home, work, and play. Auzweke! Magazine celebrates lifestyles of professional and influential urban consumers across South Africa. Our editorial content, promotion, and brand extensions communicate the appeal of an aspired lifestyle with an authoritative voice and sophisticated design. Editorial content highlights the best in: Lifestyle; Entrepreneurship; Travel & Leisure; Food ; Health; Entertainment and Fashion.

Auzweke! Magazine It's a youth magazine that tells untold stories of artists and creatives. Fashion | Lifestyle | Entrepreneur | Travel | Home & Living.